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Grocery Wholesale

With our product's exploding popularity, rapid dominance of the category once introduced to your plant-based shelf, super-long shelf life due to its old world cure, and low order minimums, Bakon™ is a perfect fit for any upscale, premium grocery.  You can order Thrilling Foods Bakon™ through Mable and have it at your store in one day by using the following link.

Order via this link for $100 off and free shipping.

Ask us about our amazing sales record to date for the category against the well-established national brands in grocery stores that currently carry Bakon™. We believe we will become the #1 selling plant-based bacon in your store within two weeks of being on your shelves, and one of the lead selling plant-based SKUs as well.

We've partnered with Mable, a fantastic wholesale marketplace for emerging brands in order to offer new customers fantastic terms, free shipping and a $100 discount on your first order. Unbelievable right? Just click below to get started, or email if you want to set up a wholesale account but can't use Mable.