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Thrilling foods Bakon™

The plant-based bacon you'll actually want to eat.


Traditional taste

Salt-cured and smoked just like the traditional pork product, Bakon Strips™ bring you all of the sizzle, aroma, taste and texture of bacon without the cruelty.

It's bacon you can feel good about because it's healthier for you, your family, it doesn’t harm animals or our planet - but just as importantly, it's bacon you'll actually enjoy eating.

Goes Great on Everything

Bakon™ makes everything better.

BLTs, salads, cheeseburgers, pasta carbonara, baked potatoes, doughnuts, you name it. Anywhere you would use traditional bacon, Bakon Strips is the perfect meaty, crispy, deeply satisfying substitute. All the taste with zero sacrifice!

Saving the pigs. Saving the planet.

We all want to save the world, but let's face it, we all want to eat what we enjoy.

In order to help save our porcine friends and reduce environmental harm, we had to come up with a really fabulously yummy doppelganger for what may be the most popular food on planet earth.

We worked for two years to craft the kind of bacon "craveable" deliciousness that allows pretty much everyone to move forward into a more humane and sustainable future. All by itself, Bakon Strips™ are "99.9% bacon" good, and every time you choose to make your meal a Bakon meal, you are saving lives.

The reviews are in. this is the good one.

I have been vegan for almost 9 years ... I've tried just about everything and nothing comes close until today. Taste, texture, mouthfeel, it's EXACTLY how I remember bacon. Please don't ever stop making this bacon! ❤️

– @rachelnicholsart, via IG

Fragrance, texture, look and taste is absolutely outstanding! If there was an option to give this 10 Stars I would! Best Plantbased Bakon out there!

– @cooknwithplants, via IG

The smell and taste is spot on. The best fake bacon we have ever tried.

– @melissagut2211, via GTFOitsVegan

FINALLY, bacon taste and texture from plants. A++++ This is AMAZING vegan bacon, could fool a meat eater easily.

– Joseph Short, via NoPigNeva

Hear What People Are Saying

what makes bakon™ different?

uncompromising taste

According to our fan club, eating our Bakon Strips™ is exactly like eating pork bacon. For some it's kinda scary. It sizzles in the pan, smells and tastes like pork bacon. It also chews just like traditional crunchy, chewy bacon. So real it's unreal!

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whole, healthy ingredients

Bakon™ which provides a complete protein (all the aminos required) for a body's maintenance and growth is made from non-GMO soybeans that are made into soy milk, flavored with natural flavors and finished with a traditional salt and smoke cure. No weird powders, isolates, "liquid smoke" or any other fake stuff.

See Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

time-honored processes

We have adopted the age old tofu-making process from Asia to make a whole bean, fatty and lean, healthy tofu "meat", then we employ the centuries old tradition of salting and smoke curing from Europe to create a product with the smell, taste and texture you crave. Nothing new needed here.

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We're closing the flavor gap in plant-based meat.

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