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Today's consumers are more likely than ever to demand plant-based menu options, and Bakon™'s fantastic taste, texture, and shelf stability make it a perfect choice for your restaurant, food truck or catering operation. 

Testimonial - "We just wanted to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to Thrilling Foods. The addition of their Bakon to our menu is what has really allowed our business to go to the next level. Thrilling Foods Bakon offers such a familiar and incredible flavor that makes our sandwiches approachable to vegans, non-vegans, and every type of flexitarian in between. Ever since we first tried it we knew we had to bring it on the menu and these days it’s hard for us to create a sandwich that we don’t want to add it to! You have really created such a great product, we have talked time and time again about how there are just some flavors and textures that we won’t be able to have again as vegans, and trying your Bakon has made us question that logic completely! Thrilling Foods pushes the limit when it comes to plant based innovative foods. Absolutely delicious and mind-blowing!"

Here's a 4 minute video clip on how to cook Thrilling Foods Bakon Strips™

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