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Bakon™ 3-pack A 5% DISCOUNT

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Thrilling Foods Bakon™ is made only from whole plant food using traditional methods. The centuries old art of tofu making is combined with the even older methods of salt and smoke curing to bring you every bit of the traditional flavor you crave. The look, the smell, the taste and chew, all without sacrificing good taste or the planet.

To reduce shipping costs, we require a minimum order of 3 units. 

We ship Monday through Thursday only on all orders received before ten am of that day. A note on choosing your shipping speed:

Our product is unique in that it has a four day shelf life at room temperature.  While we always keep our product refrigerated below 40 degrees, when it comes to our customers making a choice of one day rates vs two day, we think it is worth a conversation. 

Warm product? We make every effort in our packaging whether one day or two to keep our product refrigeration cold, however under certain circumstances involving longer travel times or hotter weather, two day shipped product may arrive warmer than 40 degrees.  While this will not constitute a food safety problem per our lab test results, maintaining cold shipping records may be a requirement for you, and we then recommend one day air freight.